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Disposable tableware

Disposable items in cardboard, paper or wood are very practical to take with you when you have a picnic or if you are going out to grill on the rocks or in the meadow. Avoid being careful with crockery and glass and use disposable plates and disposable mugs instead! If you grill meat, we also have good disposable cutlery that cuts through the meat in a good way. Make it easy for you, get rid of the dishes when you are back home and put all the disposable items you used in an environmentally friendly bag that you throw in the nearest rubbish bin.

It is also perfect to use disposable items for the wedding, student party or children's party. It hurts in the heart when you hear a glass fall to the ground or when a plate cracks. With disposable items, you do not have to worry about children accidentally dropping a glass. We also have incredibly nice napkins that are available in the same series as disposable plates and mugs! You can have an incredibly nice time with a matching theme throughout the party, especially with our summer series ÄNGEN.

We also have nice and fun disposable & popcorn cups for the party or movie party at home. With fine disposable cardboard items from Lagerhaus, you do not have to worry about your crockery, and simply make it easier for you!

Upp upp upp!

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