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Disposable plates

Disposable plates are suitable for many different occasions and are incredibly practical. Paper plates in lovely colors and patterns for the children's party, practical for large events such as a student or wedding and a must for a picnic. An event becomes much easier with the right aids and that is exactly what disposable plates are. Match your disposable plates with suitable napkins, mugs and glasses to make the moment even more fun. Skip the dishes and just throw them away!

We have plates in paper and in palm leaves in several different shapes and sizes. Choose from plates, plates or dishes for serving. We have popular colors like pink, blue and gold and many more. Cardboard plates and mugs are something that is always good to have at home if you are going on a spontaneous trip.

Whether you choose to buy paper plates in a store or shop online, you will always find a wide range of disposable plates of high quality.

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