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Gift to the graduate

Hooray hooray! It's an incredible feeling to graduate, so you should match it with an incredible gift for the graduate. Finally, you've completed your studies, looking forward to the working life and earning money, or perhaps choosing a very interesting subject to further study. We've gathered all the products that a newly graduated student can benefit from, unfortunately, many of them move out, or should we remove the word "unfortunately"?

The classic but most useful gift for a graduate is glassware, a porcelain set, or a cutlery set. We have plenty of sleek, stylish, and elegant glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and drinking glasses that you can match to the graduate's personality. Then choose white and sleek porcelain bowls, plates, and ramekins because you can match everything with them. Last but not least, choose sturdy cutlery in fantastic quality stainless steel that lasts forever.

But that's the boring and practical part. Give games that the graduate can use at their parties or fun and motivating gift books like "You Can Do Anything".

A little nicer decor is also needed. It can get very dry and empty in a new apartment, so add some light to the rooms with our sleek and modern lamp SPECKLES or decorate colorfully with a throw on the sofa or a summery tray, ÄNGEN. All this and more for the graduate you'll find at Lagerhaus!

Upp upp upp!

Lagerhaus is the interior design chain with a twinkle in the eye and a heart in the right place. We offer a wide range of affordable and smart products for the home and the party. Interior details, storage products, glassware, crockery, gift bags, wrapping products, party items and much, much more - everything you need to create a happy place!