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At Lagerhaus, we have the perfect well-thought-out gift for your mother, so you can give your mother even more love! Whether it's your mother's birthday or not, she always deserves a nice gift. Show her appreciation and consideration and pamper her a little extra. Regardless of age, interests and style, we have the right gift for her!

A fragrant scented candle or hand soap is a gift that everyone likes and something you can never have too many of, new wine glasses are always appreciated or give her something personal like a gift book. An extra plus if your gift comes with candy or flowers, who doesn't love it?

As important as the content is the wrapping. We have everything you need to wrap a really nice gift. Run a classic wrap with beautiful gift wrap and matching gift string or luxury for the wrap with a gift box or gift bag and decorate with one of our fine gift ribbons in satin. Do not forget the postcard where you can write a cute and caring greeting to your dear mother.

With us, you will find the perfect gift for your mother!

Upp upp upp!

Lagerhaus is the interior design chain with a twinkle in the eye and a heart in the right place. We offer a wide range of affordable and smart products for the home and the party. Interior details, storage products, glassware, crockery, gift bags, wrapping products, party items and much, much more - everything you need to create a happy place!