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Disposable cutlery

Think how much our fantastic disposable wooden cutlery can make life easier. These are probably the best cutlery in real wood you have ever seen because the quality is top notch. And yes, you heard right, GENUINE WOOD! You can use these cutlery for all possible occasions. Wedding? Wooden cutlery. Student party? Wooden cutlery. Children's party? Yes, you get the point.

It can not be smoother than bringing wooden cutlery to the barbecue or to the picnic. After you are done, just plant them in the ground, pour some water on the soil and they will eventually grow into real trees! Maybe not really, but they are easy to throw in the trash anyway.

They are incredibly practical for who can do the dishes after a party? Use disposable cutlery for the perfect party with a good finish on the sofa or directly to the bed, without washing dishes!

Upp upp upp!

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