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Napkins can really spice up a table setting and be a nice decoration for the party because you can fold them in so many different ways. Place the napkin next to the plate together with the cutlery, create a fun figure on the plate or raise the table setting and put the napkin in the glass. Whatever the occasion, napkins contribute to a luxurious and elegant table setting. Add a lovely splash of color to the dinner table that you can easily customize according to style, season or theme. Red napkins for Christmas, yellow for Easter and colorful patterns for all summer occasions. Of course we also have napkins that are suitable for the children's party, New Year's party or wedding.

Many of our napkins are included in series where there are other matching products such as mugs, water bottles, disposable items or trays. Match the products with each other or mix them with each other and create your own style. There is no right or wrong here.

At Lagerhaus you will find a variety of napkins for all occasions! Buy online or in one of our stores.

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