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Kitchen storage

Here you will find all the kitchen storage you need to organize your kitchen in a smart way. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it should be a place to thrive. By sorting and organizing in the kitchen, stress is reduced and it becomes a calmer place to be. Of course, it's nicer with, for example, jam, oatmeal or the weekend's berry harvest in one of our nice glass jars.

Store freshly squeezed juice in glass bottles and set in the county. The bottles are available in several different sizes and work great for juice or as a water bottle on the dinner table and perfect for picnics this summer. With our stylish storage baskets, you can easily get rid of what you do not want to be in front of or decorate the kitchen counter with a trendy tool holder with matching kitchen utensils in. We also have paper holders and recipe pads.


Everything for easier storage in the kitchen. With small funds, you can easily organize and get better order. Buy your kitchen storage online or in one of our Lagerhaus stores.

Upp upp upp!

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