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Cards & tags

When you want to put the icing on the cake or create a feeling with a gift for a special person, a postcard or folded card is the perfect detail. With a fun postcard, you create a feeling of joy and anticipation to open the gift, or you can create a loving feeling with a romantic postcard.

Of course, you do not have to buy a postcard to give with a gift, but you can send a cool or fun postcard to a relative or friend who is far away. We have scent cards that come in several wonderful scents such as chocolate cake and coconut which is an extra touch to someone you care about, a little fun surprise when they open the envelope!

The messages on our postcards and folded cards can be motivating, romantic but also playful so that there is a card for everyone. A motivating weighted card with a wonderful written message never goes wrong, he will feel really warm inside! Imagine putting our postcard with the message "the world needs more women like you", with a personal and loving message inside, on a caring gift. A tear is almost guaranteed to come.

Buy Lagerhaus fun postcards & folded cards online and create emotions!

Upp upp upp!

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