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It is easy to spend several hours in the bathroom and therefore it is fun to have bathroom furnishings that suit your personality. You can make big changes through small funds, and that's exactly what we want to offer. Renovating a bathroom can be both expensive and cumbersome, which is why we have products so you do not have to go through large projects. New small details freshen up the bathroom immediately.

A must is our popular good hand soaps that are available in several different scents, they are both stylish and smell incredibly good. Decorate the hand soap with matching shower soap and get a nice set to decorate with. We also have soap pumps and toothbrush mugs in matching series. With our soap pump, you can easily top up with any two and it is like new again. With our bathroom storage, you can easily organize in the bathroom. We have everything from different kinds of baskets to hooks. Under the category other bathroom accessories you will find lots of products that are good to have in a bathroom, mirrors, toilet bowls, towels and much more.

Mix and match as you like and find your favorites for the bathroom here!

Upp upp upp!

Lagerhaus is the interior design chain with a twinkle in the eye and a heart in the right place. We offer a wide range of affordable and smart products for the home and the party. Interior details, storage products, glassware, crockery, gift bags, wrapping products, party items and much, much more - everything you need to create a happy place!