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Spring is finally here and it's time to freshen up the balcony and garden. We have lots of wonderful products for you who love to plant, want to make the patio cozy or preferably gather your friends for a wonderful picnic. When it starts to get warm and sunny, it's time to go to a lovely meadow, bring a nice picnic blanket, put coffee in the picnic basket and enjoy the sun with a couple of friends or family.

We have lots of perfect products for the picnic and the excursion in summery colors and patterns that make it a hassle-free day. In the picnic basket you can bring coffee in the thermos, a tray in hyacinth to serve coffee on, paper cups, paper plates and wooden cutlery to think about the environment and a cooler bag to keep the drink cold.

For the balcony, we have everything you can think of to plant plants with the help of pots, hang plants with swings and keep them alive with the help of self-irrigation. If you have a terrace, garden or larger balcony, it is vital to have a hammock where you can relax in the warm attic with a book. For you, we have everything to decorate the balcony or take care of the greenery on the balcony!


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Lagerhaus is the interior design chain with a twinkle in the eye and a heart in the right place. We offer a wide range of affordable and smart products for the home and the party. Interior details, storage products, glassware, crockery, gift bags, wrapping products, party items and much, much more - everything you need to create a happy place!

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