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Tealightholders & lanterns

Small interior details such as candle holders and lanterns create a lovely and warm feeling throughout the room. Here you will find lanterns in all possible variations, large and small, classic and trendy; We have something for everyone. There are lanterns in lots of variations and shades that you can mix however you want. Do not miss our popular candle lanterns MILK, they are available in most wonderful colors and sizes and are a fantastic decoration for any room in the home. We also have nice hanging candle lanterns in glass that are perfect for tealights, these lanterns fit well indoors, on the balcony or in the conservatory.

A candle holder or candle lantern is at least as nice empty and can also be used as a pot or have flowers in. You can never have too many candle holders and candle lanterns, mix large and small in different colors and create your very own style. Find your favorites at Lagerhaus!

Upp upp upp!

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