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Preparing food that you can then throw into an oven dish in the oven is both good, time-saving and flexible. We have oven molds in different sizes, to simplify for you in your cooking simply! Whether you are looking for a large or small oven dish in glass or porcelain, you will find it with us at Lagerhaus. An oven dish can be used for a lot both in the kitchen when you cook the food and at the kitchen table when you are going to serve it.

Why not cook everything in the same large oven dish and avoid a mountain of dishes, even if you prefer a rectangular or round oven dish in glass or porcelain, you should choose one that suits you and your needs! Choose a suitable size for your particular home, which fits in size for the food you cook and in the cabinets that you will store the shape in and a style that is you. Then you can use your new oven form as well in the oven, as a serving dish or as a decoration. Stylish oven molds can be found at Lagerhaus, online and in store.

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