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Who does not love homemade? Whether you want to bake bread, buns, cakes or pastries, a baking tin is very good to have! Feel the aroma that spreads in the kitchen, and the feeling of putting a freshly baked bun in your mouth, which is baked with extra love - unbeatable! At Lagerhaus you will find baking tins in metal and porcelain, different shapes and small and large sizes.

We have everything from the classic spring form, perfect for the cake, the sponge cake form, the pie form and the bread form. With the help of these, we can bake bread and cakes for everyday life and parties! As Christmas approaches, we bring out gingerbread molds in different shapes and sizes that take Christmas baking to a new level! We have a large selection of baking tins that you can find at Lagerhaus, both online and in your nearest store.

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