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Bathroom storage

With our practical bathroom storage, you can easily organize your things in the bathroom. Are there towels on the floor or over the door? Get our practical hooks for towels or a door hanger where you can hang five towels or clothes while you shower. Prevent a messy bathroom where you will not find toilet paper, therefore you should collect them in one place with the help of a nice gold-colored toilet paper holder in metal. We have nice storage baskets in different sizes and materials that work just as well for storage as laundry baskets - we have knitted baskets, baskets in rattan and canvas.

For the shower, we have different types of storage such as hanging baskets with suction plugs or suction plug hooks for you who want to keep track of the shampoo bottles or want the towel close at hand. We also have pedal buckets in small, medium and large sizes, which is a must for many to have in the bathroom. You can find your bathroom storage at Lagerhaus, both online and in your nearest store.

Upp upp upp!

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