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Wrapping paper

Looking for the perfect gift wrap? Then you have come to the right place! Should the motif and color scheme of the gift wrap reflect yourself as a person, or the person who will receive the package? Regardless, we have gift wrap that makes the packages more fun and more personal. With fine strings and delicious tissue paper, you can take your wrapping to a new higher level! For who does not want to get a nice wrapped package?

Some use gift wrap to dress up textbooks to make it even more fun to use, some use the paper for crafts. Perfect for creating invitation cards, Christmas cards or using in photo albums. We at Lagerhaus have a large selection of fine gift wrap in different colors and styles. With us, you will find paper that fits both small and large as well as different styles.

In addition to wrapping paper, you will also find such things as tissue paper, cellophane and other accessories that are needed for a beautifully wrapped package. In addition, all gift wrap at Lagerhaus is eco-labeled, so that your purchase will be a good choice for both you and the environment.

Upp upp upp!

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