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Cellophane bags

Wrapping with cellophane is always a good alternative! Not only does it look great but it also creates a sense of luxury. It is both simple and practical and it is always nice, especially with a well-chosen ribbon for tying. Match the band by content or why not by season or holiday?
With us, you will find cellophane in different sizes, both on a roll and as bags. Cellophane is perfect for gift wrapping, for example if you are going to wrap flowers, gifts or why not wrap a good bottle of wine in cellophane?

Should you give away sweets, chocolate or cakes or other things where you want to show the contents, a cellophane bag fits perfectly. Fill your cellophane bag with lots of great content and give it to someone you like. Always good to have at home if you are invited spontaneously and you are going to wrap up a go away gift. With us at Lagerhaus, you will find all the cellophane for wrapping you need!

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