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In this category you will find Lagerhaus all straws. We have straws in different materials, colors and models. Choose between glass, metal, paper and wooden straws. Straws are not only practical but they also create a more festive atmosphere, because surely a drink gets better when you drink from a straw? Serve the Friday drink at the pre-party with a golden metal straw, decorate the juice at the children's party with a striped paper straw or drink hot chocolate in the morning with our fun spoon with a built-in straw.

Straws can also be a fun complement to decor. Decorate the bar cabinet or place a glass full of straws on the drink cart and become a home bartender and you are guaranteed to impress your friends. The practicality of our straws in metal and glass is that they are just to wash them after use and reuse them again, smoothly and at the same time good for the environment.

Find your favorite straws with us at Lagerhaus!

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