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Other party decorations

Here we have lots of party accessories that you need for a really successful party. What is a birthday party without cake candles? The candles are available in several different motifs, with or without glitter and we also have number candles in gold or silver that will nicely decorate the cake. Do not forget to wish for something when you just blow them out! Decorate the glasses with drinking sticks and decorate the table with streamers. Distribute party whistles and party hats to your guests, we promise that it will be greatly appreciated and contribute to many laughs.

Pick and choose from all our party accessories and choose your favorites. Put your personal touch on the decoration and decorate according to your style and it is guaranteed to be a successful party. Whether it is a birthday party, New Year's party or student reception, we have the right accessories for you. No party without decorations!

Buy your party accessories from us!

Upp upp upp!

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