Design by Lagerhaus


The creative environment of Lagerhaus' head office in central Gothenburg is home to our design team - the team responsible for a large element of the Lagerhaus range, from textile products like cushions and oven gloves to pots, lamps, confectionery and much more. Our packaging carries a label stating that the product is unique and designed by Lagerhaus. We also carefully select off-the-shelf products from our suppliers via our own Purchasing Department.

To gain inspiration and keep updated on future trends, the design team travels abroad several times a year. Part of their work also includes finding information in magazines, blogs and other sources of inspiration.

"We want to make home furnishings fun, and updating your home to be simple! The Lagerhaus range is on the leading edge of style, widely popular and with a little twist that makes our products unique."

Function, form, colour and materials are the building blocks of our collections. We have a wide basic range plus the latest home accessories and perfect gifts!

Lagerhaus proactively produces sustainable products – products that care just a little bit more for people and the environment, such as recycled textiles or eco-labelled soap. The search for sustainable materials is an important part of our design process.