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Egg cups

A nice egg cup is the breakfast cream on the mash. There should be bread in a basket, the butter should be in front with a bread knife in the butter, both hard and boiled eggs are in a bowl, different types of ham have been placed on a plate, the big cheese is in the middle of everything, the coffee is still and drops in the jug and the egg cup is then decorated by a hot egg. The egg in the fine egg cup is the last detail that rounds off the breakfast table setting and creates a family feeling. Plates, spoons, glasses and finally egg cups.

We have nice and stylish egg cups in good quality that fit all breakfast tables. Choose our brown egg cup CAMPER that matches the brown egg, and our white egg cup CAMPER that matches the white egg. We also have seasonal egg cups such as Easter egg cups and Christmas egg cups.

Decorate the breakfast table with stylish egg cups from Lagerhaus!

Upp upp upp!

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