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Recipe binders & labels

Create your personal recipe book with your own favorite recipes. Immortalize the secret family recipes, cut out and paste your favorite dishes from old magazines or create your own recipes based on your creativity and your taste buds. The best thing about making your own recipe book is that you can collect themes, dishes and pastries as you wish. 

A personal recipe collection is a fantastically appreciated gift for the teenager who moves away from home, a book to pick out and cook when the longing for home becomes too great.

In our smart recipe blocks, you can enter both your weekly menu and your shopping list, to make cooking both smoother and more fun! Some models have a magnet on the back and are easily attached to the refrigerator and are therefore always at hand. Make it a habit to immediately write down what ends up on the shopping list so you have constant control of what needs to come home from the store the next time you shop.

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