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Chopping boards

A cutting board is a kitchen tool that is found in most kitchens. In addition to the cutting board protecting the kitchen counter from scratches, it is also perfect to use when serving bread, cheese and cold cuts. We have fine cutting boards in both bioplastic that is made of sugar cane and wood that fits all homes and kitchens. A plastic cutting board is easy to handle, machine washable and easy to wipe. A wooden cutting board, on the other hand, is kinder to the knife but can take a little longer to clean.

Many people choose to have several cutting boards at home for the different purposes and precisely because the different materials have their advantages and disadvantages. A cutting board is not only practical but can also be a nice interior detail on the kitchen counter. A high-quality cutting board is also an appreciated gift, both for yourself or someone you like. Find your cutting board with us at Lagerhaus!

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