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Dish racks & cutlery holders

Make washing dishes a little more fun and let your crockery dry on one of our dish counters! A nice dish rack can actually freshen up an entire kitchen, because we offer dish racks in both metal and bamboo, which is incredibly nice. Create order and order on the sink and organize your dishes, it will facilitate your washing and save you lots of time. Even if you have a dishwasher, it can be good to have a dish rack if you want to wash something by hand.

Match your dish rack with other of our Lagerhaus products and it can easily become part of the interior of the sink, we then suggest dish rack BAMBOO! It fits well with our cleaning series where we have detergent, hand soap and cleaning spray. Cleaning products do not have to be boring, but with the right products you can create your very own personal style and turn it into something stylish. Organize your dishes and make your life easier with the help of dishes & cutlery racks from Lagerhaus!

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