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Lamp & shade

Here you will find cozy and playful lamps and screens that make your home more personal. A lamp is both functional and a stylish interior detail. Choose from stylish table lamps, wall lamps and hanging lamps that fit well in the window or as a ceiling lamp. We also have trendy lampshades for you who already have a lamp base waiting for the perfect shade. Get a brighter home with our lamps and screens.

With the right choice of lamp or screen, an entire room can change and lift an entire home. It is also a product you have for a long time, so it is extra important to choose the right one. We have both trendy and classic lamps that suit all styles and rooms. A table lamp on the windowsill, a wall lamp in the bedroom or a hanging lampshade in rattan in the living room. Do not miss our neon lamps that are available in several different quotes or motifs.

Create harmony in your home and choose the right lighting. We have the right lamps & screens for you, look at the offer online or in one of our Lagerhaus stores.

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