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Cushions & cushion covers

Stylish pillows and cushion covers can make even the most boring sofa look inviting. Mix and match them and create your own style and feel. By just replacing a single pillowcase, you can change and renew an entire home, so if you want to create a change with small means, they are the perfect solution. We also have fun and charming pillows for the living room - why not buy a cute pillow with the shape of an alpaca, sloth or cat ?!

With us, you will find pillows and pillowcases in several different shapes and colors. We have motifs and patterns that match all seasons of the year and whatever style you are looking for. Pillows spruce up the sofa as well as the bedroom, or why not the children's room? You will also find stylish and large linen pillows with us that fit our cozy pillowcases. Lagerhaus helps you quickly and easily with the help of pillows and pillowcases to create a personal, cozy and / or fun style in your home.

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