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Everything for the summer party!

Summer is here and it's time to plan the summer party! To make your party truly memorable and colorful, it is important to have the right decorations in place. We at Lagerhaus offer a wide range of products that are perfect for all types of summer parties.

Balloons in different colors, pennants and party hats are a must to get the right party atmosphere this summer! Don't miss our range Prästkrage and Svea which have flourishing decorations in the form of garlands, cake decoration, drink markers, straws and napkins.

For this summer's children's party, we also have nice hats, cups for snacks and ice cream and candy bags to fill with candy or small gifts for the fish pond. To be able to serve food, drinks and coffee to small and large guests, we offer a wide range of paper plates, paper cups, napkins and disposable cutlery of high quality - Make it easy for you and skip the dishes at the summer party.

The decorations are an important and fun part of the party and with our wide range you can create a summery and colorful atmosphere that your guests will love! Let us at Lagerhaus help you make your summer party an unforgettable experience, order online or come into one of our stores.

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