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Home gardener

Spring feelings are stirring! We’re gradually getting more sunshine and there’ll be enough daylight in April for your plants to grow and flourish. Bring it on, Spring! We’re more than ready.


Sow a seed

There’s nothing wrong with buying plants, but there is something really special about growing your own. That feeling of pride when you see tiny shoots pushing through the soil! If you’re keen to get started with your gardening today, you’ve probably got everything you need at home. Simple DIY with a personal touch. Here are some suggestions:



When life brings you lemons... let life grow in them! Cut the lemon in half and scoop out the flesh. Make a drainage hole in the bottom.


Empty toilet rolls

Toilet rolls – the most versatile crafting material, now transformed into pots. Cut the roll in half. Snip three slits in one side. Bend the folds inwards to form a base.


Ice-cube trays

Dust off your old ice-cube trays and give them new life as seed pots! With a fine drill, make a couple of drainage holes in each cube compartment.


Fill the tray with seed compost, sow 1-3 seeds in each compartment. Water carefully so the seeds don’t float away. And you must write labels for the seeds as you sow them – guaranteed to forget otherwise!


Smart cuttings

Fresh herbs are everyday luxuries that don’t have to cost a fortune. Did you know there’s a simple way to have an endless, free supply of basil at home?

Take a cutting from a basil plant (cut it off just below a set of leaves). Place the cutting in a vase filled with water. After a week or so, the cutting will have grown roots and you can plant it in soil. This way, you can enjoy an endless supply of basil from just one plant. Pesto time!


Spruce up your old faithfuls

Last, but not least, remember to look after the plants in your home. Plants that are looking tired after the winter need some tender loving care. High time to repot them! Use a good, fresh mix of soil and a larger pot for plants that have outgrown their old containers.