Product recall

Recall of candlesticks

Quality is a top priority for Lagerhaus.

We perform regular quality tests to ensure that our products are of good quality.

Unfortunately, it has been found that the production of candlesticks below does not meet our quality requirements. If a candle is left in the candlestick burns all the way down to the bottom of the candlestick there is a risk that the glaze becomes so hot that it can catch fire.

We encourage thoose who have purchased this candle holder, which includes the colors blue, green, pink and gray, to hand it in at any Lagerhaus store for full refund. Receipt is not needed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

81846239 TEA candlestick rubber glasyr pink
81846240 TEA candlestick rubber glasyr grey
81846241 TEA candlestick rubber glasyr green
81846242 TEA candlestick rubber glasyr blue